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Please note that due to the Novel COVID-19, some retreat facilities or services may be interrupted or unavailable to guests. Thank you for your understanding.


For those of you who like to stay active during your getaways and build on your exquisite experience, enjoy a list of several activities that will keep your heart pumping and face smiling. Learn and practice an ancient craft at the archery range. Savour the tranquillity as you watch sea turtles hatch, nest and swim, and catch a glimpse of many rare bird species and the wildlife that all define Khor Kalba as a globally important wetland. Indulge in a panoramic ocean view of the Arabian Gulf while enjoying a healthy organic culinary experience for in-house guests and travel on the wings of extravagant beauty and change. Refresh your soul with a host of activities ranging from water to land such as diving, standup paddle boarding, nature walks all along the Watchtowers trek, cycling Wadi Hero, cycling across Kalba culture and visiting Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre or Kalba Bird of Prey Centre. Jolt your senses and plunge in the feeling o rebirth.

Beach cabana dinner

Enjoy a romantic dinner by the beach with your other half, surrounded by nature, Indian Ocean and a sky full of stars while we serve you a four course meal.

Organic Garden

We are providing all the knowledge to our guests about the herbs and types of herbs planted in our organic garden. Guests can water the plants and we can use the herbs and vegetables for the guest’s meals.

Do your own BBQ in the privacy of your tent

We prepare your BBQ corner with a choice of meat or freshly sourced fish and seafood from local market to create an excellent variety for your private poolside BBQ. Enjoy the Indian Ocean view while having BBQ with your family and friends in the privacy of your tent. 

Picnic by the beach

Beach picnics are a wonderful combination of sun, sand and surf. They provide a great opportunity to get the whole family out together as everyone will find something to enjoy at the beach. You just enjoy the nature we take care of all your picnic arrangements.

Sunset Yoga

From 17:00-17:30 for 30 minutes, you can enjoy a sunset yoga by the creek, relax and unwind in the serenity and tranquility of the island.

Beach clean-up

Beach clean-up is a fantastic way to have fun while doing good, join us for beach clean-up to protect marine life, including the turtles and keep UAE's coastline safe and pristine.

Bridge turtle meetings

Immerse yourself in Kalba's rich wildlife by watching the waters as the green sea turtles swim along and the mullet fish jump out. Our expert team will introduce you to our wildlife friends here at Mysk Kingfisher Retreat.

Henna painting

Henna is truly Arabic that are popular since ancient times. Adorn your hands and feet with beautiful henna painting every Friday from 3pm to 5pm while staying at Mysk Kingfisher Retreat.

Photoshooting for the guests

You can enjoy everlasting memories by taking home with you the photos we have capture during your stay at Al Mysk Kingfisher Retreat every Friday from 6pm to 9pm. You can enjoy everlasting memories by taking home with you the photos we have captured.

Power walk

You can increase your calories burned walking by incorporating these power walks in natural surroundings.

Nature Walk

The Mysk Kingfisher Retreat Nature Walk is the ideal introduction to the hidden wonders of the nature and experience the abundance of wildlife the UAE has to offer. Your dedicated guide will take you to the best vantage points to observe unspoiled landscapes, stunning sunsets, turtle meetings and bird watching. Suitable for most ages and fitness levels.

Fat bike riding

Exhilaration has a new name as you explore the Mysk Kingfisher Retreat on a bike. Each tent is equipped with fat bikes, go around and explore the nature while enjoying your bike ride. 

Bird watching

Unguided walk while you have the chance to explore the property followed by a and then go to the pond to check out the birds. We are offering binoculars to the guests.

Crabs Going Home

Either a short walk to the beach or a long one (only about 1.8 km) and the guests can meet up with the fast running ghost crabs or the slower hermit crabs, while guests can also check the crab homes.

Along the Watchtowers Hike AED 380

Why hit the gym when you can explore a sweet new mountainous hiking spot at one of the highest mountains in the region instead? Get in the zone and let the nature trail of the Mountains tickle your senses when you discover unexpected terrains and picturesque landscapes.

Deep sea fishing 690 per boat/hour

Cast your line into the deep blue for a memorable day of angling on the open water, with guides and specialized personnel that can guarantee catches.

Kayaking through the mangroves AED 255 per person

Go on a 1-hour, guided kayaking adventure to explore the Mangroves—one of Sharjah’s ‘best-kept secrets.’ Because of the nature of the kayaks, you’ll be able to get closer to the mangroves than you would on a boat or other water vessel, so you’ll be able to get great views of all the wildlife that call the mangroves home. Not available during summer

Archaeological centre in Mleiha AED 55

Combining education with entertainment, the Mleiha Archaeological centre is full of interactive exhibits that make learning about the region’s history fun. You can take a close look at the huge variety of artefacts on display before embarking on an educational tour around the center.

Fujairah - Historic Fort and Museum AED 90

The Emirate of Fujairah includes one of the most important museums that are spread across the United Arab Emirates, to record the ancestral history and heritage over time through the antiques found by the missions of excavation and archeologists in the recent years.

Valley of the Caves Walk in Mleiha AED 150

A 1 hour guided tour, explore the several Stone Age caves and take in the surrounding beauty from the safety of our constructed walkways.

Dune buggy adventure in Mleiha AED 230

The Dune Buggy Adventures Sharjah tour is designed specifically for people who love thrill and adventure. The dune buggies will take you on a heart-thumping drive that is sure to satisfy the thrill seeker in you. The Dune Buggy Adventures Sharjah tour is an off-road adventure where you are presented the opportunity to stop and explore the stunning landscapes and sceneries of Mleiha.

Horse riding adventure in Mleiha AED 120

Experience the beauty of Mleiha’s landscape on horseback, with views of Fossil Rock and Faya mountain. Even if you have never ridden a horse before, our expert guides will assist in leading you and your horse into the outback of Mleiha. End your experience with a stop at our luxurious gazebo at the stables where you can enjoy the landscape with an assortment of hot beverages and soft drinks.