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About Us

A Theater of life ..

The stage, the actors, the play, and the setting. Mysk by Shaza is an upscale lifestyle hotel brand with a difference. Design, people, and services define our essence. Mysk Hotels have a distinct and noticeable personality inspired by the culture and values of the ever-evolving Arabian lifestyle. The guest is at the centre of the stage. Always.

Mysk by Shaza is an invitation to experience the modern theatre of life in a convivial atmosphere. Design intrigues. Services embrace “Karaam" (generosity) and “Ehtiraam” (respect), where people are the heart and soul of the story. Authentic moments meet contemporary conveniences. A sense of belonging abounds.

Inspired by the Arabic pronunciation of musk, Mysk carries the fragrance of Shaza Hotels into a renewed and festive worldliness. A crossroads of the truly modern and unique personality, Mysk is ideal for leisure or business travellers with a passion for life. From the opening act to the final scene, we ensure you carry good memories.



A bold and convivial theatre of life, in pace with the ever-evolving lifestyle Arabian


Mysk is all about conviviality and liveliness combined with a feel-good atmosphere


At Mysk, we don’t make false promises, we listen and we react with respect and sincerity


We offer a wide range of services that add great value for our guests. We are agile and we know how to adapt to our guests' needs


Mysk is fashionable and has a modern take on hospitality. We are daring and we reflect the fast-paced, present-day lifestyle


We remain true to our Arabian culture but are also open to all cultural encounters


Mysk is accommodating, respectful, friendly, efficient, adaptable, engaging, agile, focused, listening, and cheerful.

Remain true to our Arabian culture. Open to all cultural encounters.
Our values and our personality take the stage to make Mysk by
Shaza a destination for individuals who value new adventures,
emotions and experiences. People who are central characters in the
story of their lives. These distinct motifs also make Mysk home to:
• Respectfulness
• Engagement
• The desire and ability to listen
• Agility
• True consideration for others
• A hunger for change
• The generosity to share
• The drive to do more and see more
• A sense of theatrical style
• Expressiveness

The Team

Shaza Hotels is an independent five star hotel operator, supported by an affiliation with a number of prestigious partners. these include kempinski, our financial partner shaza hotel investment company as well as our membership of global hotel alliance.


Simon Coombs
Simon Coombs
President & CEO

Simon Coombs brings an invaluable depth of knowledge and regional expertise to the Shaza enterprise. A highly motivated and determined individual, he brings a very particular and distinguished skill to Shaza - that of establishing and growing businesses from the ground up. Simon is the man who has genuinely done it all before. His position before joining Shaza as President and CEO was as Executive Vice President and CFO at Kempinski.

Prior to his appointment at Kempinski, Simon spent 16 years with Hyatt International in various positions linked to development, tax planning, corporate, and hotel finance. Most recently, he held the Hong Kong based position of Vice President of Finance for the Asia Pacific region.

Using this wealth of experience, and his fluency in the business language of the region, Simon is instrumental in the development and expansion of the Shaza brand. Since taking the helm of Shaza Hotels in 2010, Simon had dedicated his efforts to creating the Shaza’s brand from the ground up, with the objective of bringing a completely unique luxury brand to the market. His vision is to establish a distinct and sincere organisational culture that will be reflected in every hotel under operation, in terms of both service style and design concept.

Simon holds Honours Degrees in both Economics and Strategic Planning from Leeds University in England.

Sanjiv Malhotra
Sanjiv Malhotra
Executive Vice President

Sanjiv Malhotra as Executive Vice President is responsible for nurturing the concept and development of the brand as well as making it an operational reality.

Graduating with honours in Commerce and Business Management, he specialised with a Post-Graduate in Hotel Management. Sanjiv also read at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland and Cornell University, Ithaca for courses in Food & Beverage, General Management and Leadership.

With more than 27 years in the luxury Hotel industry, Sanjiv’s previous role was Regional Vice President for East Africa with Kempinski and before then with Oberoi Hotels India, Australia and Egypt. A seasoned hotelier, he is motivated to guide Shaza Hotels to its next stage, understanding that a brand is only as strong as its distinctiveness and the resolve of its people. He is focused to create memorable guest experiences, enhanced by design and delivered by caring, empowered, motivated team members.


Shaji Abu Salih
Shaji Abu Salih
Corporate Director - Business Development

Shaji Abu Salih leads the Sales, Revenue and Marketing strategies for Shaza Hotels. He is responsible for the pre-opening locational research, setting the opening strategies and revenue plans for the new hotels. Once the hotels are open he oversees the key account management of all hotels, matrix contracting and relationship management.

Shaji has been a part of the Shaza family since 2009, prior to which he spent several years with Kempinski, he also holds an MBA of Rheims University.

Ihab El Haddad
Ihab El Haddad
Director of Design and Technical Services

Ihab El Haddad provides the design direction created in a bespoke manner for each location, curated to the market segments of the hotel. He is responsible to implement the Technical Guidelines of the brand in conjunction with the Owners, Consultants and Contractors.

A Bachelor of Architecture, PMP Certified, Ihab has over 15 years of experience with design firms such as HOK, HBA, and GMA.

Franck Descat
Franck Descat
Director of Finance - Shaza Corporate

Franck Descat as Director of Finance for Shaza Hotels, is responsible for corporate finance, driving hotels' financial performance, implementing the company's internal control, systems implementation, hotel's pre-opening budgets, and tax compliance.

A CMA certified professional, Franck holds two bachelor degrees in Finance and Accounting Information Systems from Fordham University and Skema Business School. As a member of the Shaza Family for the past 8 years, he has a very good understanding of the brand and all areas of the organisation.


We write the script and direct the show. Our core business is the management of hotels on behalf of the property owners. This is why our operating model is governed by mutually agreed-upon management contracts. We purely focus on management and hence do not consider any acquisitions, investments, or equity participation.
You have unique requirements and so all our agreements for new member hotels are tailor-made. We formulate them according to the individual needs of your business. So you can get critically acclaimed performance, we provide everything you need. Preparations. Rehearsal. The big thrill of opening night. A long running show. In
fact, Mysk’s management contracts are designed to provide you with the essential design. We even empower you with the technical and operational expertise necessary for establishing and preserving the long-term profitability of your investment. When you are a Mysk
by Shaza owner, you are subscribing to a full package of benefits:
• A unique and distinctive product
• A philosophy and concept
• Operational expertise and management know-how
• Strong distribution channels