Adventure & Desert Glamping FAQs At Mysk Moon Retreat | UAE
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What to Know

Far from the madding crowd, Mysk Moon Retreat offers simplicity, adventure, discovery, privacy, and hands-on glamping. Explore Mleiha Fossil Rock and the desert by the day and enjoy a canopy of stars by night. Discover the new you!

We want to ensure that you make the most out of your stay with us. To best prepare you for this unique glamping experience, please find the details below on what to expect before and during your stay. Happy glamping with us!


Set in the shadow of the Fossil Rock, amidst the sand dunes of Mleiha, and framed by the Al Faya
Mountains. Mysk Moon Retreat offers simplicity, adventure, discovery, privacy and a hands-on glamping experience. The retreat is located 68kms (52 minutes) from Sharjah, 61kms (46 minutes) from Dubai, 176 kms (1 hour 50 minutes) from Abu Dhabi, and 15 minutes from Mleiha Archeological Centre.


Set in the foothills, glampers gets to witness the mighty Al Faya mountains. The uninterrupted view of the clear sky along with the magical landscape is truly an eye-candy.


The domes are your private cocoons on the foothills. Each dome is separated from the other with ample space and ensures privacy. Some of them are equipped with private pools as well. Every unit of the dome has a terrace area that is open to the air and equipped with a private barbecue table.


The tents are your private units on the foothills. All the tents are separated from each other ensuring privacy. All of them are equipped with private pools as well. Every unit of the tent has a terrace area that is open to the air and equipped with a private barbecue table.


All private pools that come with selected units surely take your glamping experience to whole another level. These temperature-controlled pools will treat you well all season long.

How to reach Mysk Moon Retreat

We highly recommend you a 4×4 vehicle to reach the Mysk Moon Retreat. Not to forget, the off-road drive is the best part of the journey. You can always search for Mysk Moon Retreat on Google Maps or can follow the below coordinates as well.

Mysk Moon Retreat Location: 25.086122031435128, 55.83419922098534


At Mysk Moon Retreat we are always happy to assist you with everything necessary to make your stay the most comfortable. Below is the list of the amenities available at the Retreat.

For more details regarding the amenities, please refer to the Mysk Moon Retreat directory.

  • Bath towel
  • Hand towel
  • Bath mat
  • Shower gel
  • Hand soap
  • Garbage bin
  • King or twin duvet
  • King or twin bed sheet
  • Pillow with cover
  • Bedside carpet
  • Bedroom rug
  • Living room rug
  • Cutlery
  • Kettle with tray
  • Air Conditioning with remote
  • Ashtray
  • Lamp lights
  • Tissue box
  • Prayer mat
  • Telescope
  • Yoga mat
  • Hangers
  • Cushions
  • Barbecue grill
  • Outdoor bin
  • Disposable cups
  • Torch lights
  • Rechargeable lights at the barbecue station
  • Cooking tools at the barbecue station
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Umbrella for outdoor shading
  • Outdoor dining table with chairs
  • Pool sun lounger / pool sunbed
Food & Beverage

Guests are encouraged to cook their own meals and experience the pre-installed-gas fired barbecue table set up on the terrace.


Guests can also bring their own food or they can place an order prior to the arrival date.


  • The tea and coffee units are available in all units.
  • The retreat does not have a restaurant on site.
  • The retreat can provide food in recycling bags that the guests are expected to cook themselves to have the complete glamping experience.
  • The cooking stations are available in the respective domes/tents.
  • It is recommended to order your food upon confirmation of your booking or at least 24h before arrival.
  • Guests can also carry their favourite snacks to cater to their own needs.
  • In order to avoid wastage of food, we recommend guests to bring only what is necessary.
Do it yourself

At Mysk Moon Retreat, we want you to experience a shift in perspective which helps to improve the way you connect with nature.

While we provide you with the perfect space for your escape, you are expected to largely cater to your own needs.

  • A host is present for inquiries 24/7, reachable at Tel: +971 50 618 0694.
  • Housekeeping is provided on alternate days.
  • A recyclable bag along with pre-ordered food is provided to the guests upon request
  • Every unit has a beautiful cooking station, equipped with all items required for the  barbecue and a table set up on the terrace
Pet Policy

Pets are not allowed in the Retreat at the moment.

Nearby Attractions

Located in the historic lands of Sharjah, there are attractions and places to visit.

  • Enjoy the Rock Restaurant at Mysk Al Faya Retreat almost 17 km from Mysk Moon Retreat.
  • Mleiha Archeological Center: Mleiha Archaeological Centre gives you a first-hand glimpse of the olden ages. Here you can see for yourself what it was like to live in the region thousands of years ago.
  • Mleiha Adventures: The attraction in the Emirate of Sharjah that blends history, nature and culture with exceptional quality and warm hospitality to create a unique leisure experience in a spectacular natural setting.
  • Off-Road History Museum: The museum includes more than 350 cars from different countries of the world, owned by Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.
  • Jebel Buhais Geological Museum: A park and museum that showcases how an ancient cataclysm jump-started life and formed the local landscape of the region 93 million years ago.
  • Paragliding: Fly like a bird with an exciting Paragliding session in the desert. The Sharjah desert paragliding experience begins with a visit to the Mleiha Archaeological centre where guests can learn more about the traditional Emiratis.
Nearby Facilities

Even though set in the foothills of the Al Faya Mountains, guests can always have access to basic facilities present within the range few kilometres from the retreat.

Below are the facilities available:

  • Rock Restaurant: A modern restaurant serving international and Arabic cuisine. Located in Mysk Al
    Faya Retreat which is 17 KMs from Mysk Moon Retreat is a perfect place to enjoy great food or a good cup of coffee.
  • Al Madam Restaurant: Serving international cuisine. Al Madam Restaurant is located in Mysk Al Badayer Retreat and is 41 KMs away from Mysk Moon Retreat.
  • Mysk Al Faya Spa offers a variety of wellness treatments that the guest can book in advance.
  • ATM: The nearby ATM is 28 KMs away from Mysk Moon Retreat.
Things you must carry

At Moon Retreat we want our guests to experience the rawest setting of the nature. Thus we recommend guests to carry a few things listed below:

  • Daily prescribed medicines
  • Anything which can suffice personal medical emergencies
Things you might need

To enjoy your glamping experience to the fullest, we suggest you carry along the below items that you might need:

  • Insect repellent
  • Comfortable attire
  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen
  • Late-night snacks seasonings
  • Camera
Smoking policy

Use of cigarettes and electronic vapes or any other smoking goods is not allowed inside the domes, tents and pools.

Please note Shisha is not allowed in the Sharjah Emirate, by law.

Our goal is to maximize every minute that passes under the serene sky in the breathtaking setting of Mysk Moon Retreat. To better prepare you for your stay, please find below detailed information about what to expect before and during your stay.

If you have any further questions, please contact look forward to adventuring with you.