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Wellness at Mysk Kingfisher Retreat

A holistic and contemporary approach to well-being is what is offered at Mysk Kingfisher Retreat. A refreshing wellness retreat to enhance your physical, mental and emotional health. Mysk Kingfisher Retreat offers you a gateway to a unique world of conservation, the only one of its kind in the UAE. This natural retreat is the perfect place to slow down, breathe and just be.
This is your first step to disconnect from stress and reconnect with yourself. A place where you reconnect your soul with nature in a modern, simple and exotic atmosphere. Revitalize your sensations and ride the waves of enchantment as you engulf the Eastern winds.

Stargazing at Kingfisher Retreat

Clarity of the sky reveals the compelling beauty of the stars at the Mysk Kingfisher Retreat. Enjoy a starry night while immersing all your senses into the calming sound of the ocean under a pollution free evening to enhance your wellness journey.

Sunset Yoga at Kingfisher Retreat

Starting 17:00-17:30 30 minutes of self-connecting routine, you can enjoy a sunset yoga by the creek at Kingfisher Retreat, relax and unwind in the serenity and tranquillity of the island in the Middle East. • This service is charged at a separate price. • For more information please send us an email at

SPA at Kingfisher Retreat

Rejuvenate your senses at Kingfisher Retreat and indulge in complete relaxation in our state of the art SPA while allowing the serenity of the place to leave you completely renewed. Guided by our nature and influenced by the local cultural diversity of the UAE, Kingfisher Retreat offers unique treatments and therapies at both male and female spas. Our signature treatments include but are not limited to are; • Deep tissue massage • Reflexology • Revitalizing body ritual • Detoxifying body scrub as part of the healing process during your wellness retreat.