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Sharjah Collection : Luxurious Glamping Experience in UAE

30 Mar 2020

Is your soul seeking adventure, but you still want to unwind with luxury? Go glamping. It is the perfect fusion of an adrenaline-pumping adventure experience with the comfort of living in a hotel that you’ll absolutely fall in love with!

Sharjah, a beautiful city on the Arabian gulf that brims with the culture of Arabia, is an emirate in the UAE is must visit for an unforgettable glamping getaway. The places in Sharjah to roam and to stay are magnificent. It has some of the most luxurious hotels in UAE. Imagine living in a lavish accommodation on an oasis surrounded by the wide expanse of the Arabian desert and gazing at the star-filled sky in the night before you drift off in a peaceful slumber. Or how would you feel waking up to the sound of the waves splashing on the seashore and being lulled to sleep by the pleasant, soothing breeze at a beach? If this sounds like something you want, the hotels in Sharjah Collection by Mysk are the best pick.

Sharjah Collection is a group of a stunning, heritage-inspired, elegantly-designed, luxurious boutique hotels, lodges and eco-retreats that take you on a fascinating journey. The Kingfisher Retreat, Al Badayer Retreat and Al Faya Retreat have a bewitching charm that is perfect to create memories that will last a lifetime. Check these amazing places before beginning your Sharjah hotel booking process.

Kingfisher Retreat

Take a pause, that allows you to embark on a journey within…

Located in the middle of nature in Khor Kalba the Kingfisher Retreat is one of a kind. Perfectly designed, inspired by the blue Indian Ocean, the beach hotel Sharjah retreat is located on a private island that offers awe-inspiring views of the ocean. You are taken to the island on a private boat that docks on a clean and enchanting beach.

With rooms that have a mind-blowing decor with hues of browns and blues, this is a place that can rejuvenate your soul and help you reinvent yourself. Live in a modern tent with a private pool and do nothing else but just be. 

You can watch the sunset from the viewing deck or destress at the spa followed by a relaxing drink at the lounge. The lip-smacking food is served at the all-day dining restaurant, ‘Al Qurm’, which is one of the best restaurants in Sharjah. And there’s more! A private BBQ or a picnic at a beach can also be arranged for spending some quality time!

Away from the crowd, the Kingfisher Retreat also has a meeting room for 20, when you need to work with your intimate team and organize impactful team-building activities. There is a board room and a theatre too!

The retreat offers three types of accommodation options. A one-bedroom tent with a sea view and a deck, a one-bedroom tent with a mountain view and a deck and a three-bedroom tent with a sea view.

Al Badayer Retreat

It is a fairy tale come alive…

There are many resorts in Sharjah, but none match Al Badayer Retreat. Have you heard of the legendary Arabian tales that have a lush green oasis in the backdrop with travels in a massive desert? Well, that tale comes true with Al Badayer Retreat. You can live in a traditional palatial room that imbibes the Arabian culture well. Marvel at the beauty of the beautiful sand dunes, playing a sweet symphony with the sun and the sky.

Indulge your tastebuds in authentic Emirati cuisine at the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant, Caravan, presented with a contemporary twist. It is the best buffet in Sharjah that you’ll taste!

Experience the lovely Emirati culture and stay in the luxury hotel rooms and tents that are spacious, reflecting grandeur. There are the deluxe king, twin rooms and the option of staying in one or two-bedroom tents.

Swim in the indoor pool and maintain your fitness at the fully-equipped health club. Al Badayer Retreat also has meeting rooms and complimentary access to high-speed internet if you are in Sharjah on business. Want to hear something more exciting? The hotel has a spacious amphitheatre that hosts events under the stars. You can explore the desert on a camel or a horse ride, through a desert safari and if you are more adventurous, by quad biking.

Al Faya Retreat

Where history comes alive…

Mleiha in Sharjah is home to historical ruins that transport you back in time. The Al Faya Retreat is located in this enchanting Mleiha. Built with stone at the foothills of the mountains in the middle of the desert, you cannot help but feel the peace in every inch of this property. This boutique hotel is extraordinary as it gives you a chance to experience what life is like for the Bedouin, the Arab desert nomads whose stories echo through time.

The boutique retreat has an in-house library – what is better than spending your day sipping on tea, lying on the couch and reading a book? Taste aromatic locally-sourced food and satiate your soul, while gazing at the desert landscape through floor-to-ceiling windows at the restaurant. A private barbecue dinner can also be arranged right under the stars!

Treat yourself to spa therapy that allows you to venture through Himalayan salt and herbal rooms and then take a shower walk to soothe your muscles with different water pressures, lights and sounds. You can also swim at the pool or spend time looking at the spectacular views from the rooftop terrace.

The accommodation has a limited number of rooms, making the experience personalized and intimate for the guests. These are the best rooms in Sharjah you can find when it comes to privacy and class. You can choose to stay either in the deluxe or the superior room on your visit. Both are the perfect amalgamation of modernity and tradition.

Go glamping and watch it become one of the best memories of your life!

Let’s bid adieu until the next time with this beautiful Arabic saying, “If you have much, give your wisdom if you have little, give of your heart.”


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