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Mysk DISCOVERY is part of a world of authentic local settings across 36 Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) brands, complete with over 550 hotels, resorts, palaces and spas.

benefits programme

A grand stage of benefits is yours. Enjoy a cosmos of awards. Discover Mysk’s unique personality. Explore what’s happening behind the scenes.

When you are a member of Mysk DISCOVERY, a new world of travel appears from behind the curtain. With Gold, Platinum and Black membership levels, there are different theatres of life waiting for you. Upgrade your membership level by staying a certain number of nights at any Mysk hotel or at any other GHA brand. Let wanderlust write your story.


Join the DISCOVERY loyalty programme and enjoy rewards at more than 500 hotels, resorts, and palaces worldwide.

• Sign up for free and start receiving benefits like complimentary internet access as soon as your first stay.

• Stay more to earn additional benefits and Local Experience awards An exciting journey awaits. Discover it today.

Add Date of Birth, Phone & Address Information will help our hotels and brands provide you with better service


You will receive a registration confirmation email with your membership number to use on future reservations. Going forward, you will receive email communications from DISCOVERY regarding your account status, upgrades, and offers specific to your membership.

By enroling as a DISCOVERY Member, I agree to the DISCOVERY Programme Terms & Conditions.