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meaningful connections

Connect, meet and greet at Mysk’s lounge. Conduct business or socialize with friends and family in an inviting and modern ambiance that is home to sadaqa (friendliness) and rawabit (ties/connections). It’s the perfect setting to be a central player.

At Mysk we offer you a winning merger of the right motifs. Attention to detail. Considerate professional service. Facilities. Technology. We do our part to make your meetings successful by providing you with the ideal props, backstage crew and setting from the opening act to the curtain call.

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This is where Arabian culture’s festive spirit gets a standing ovation. Birthdays, graduations, weddings and anniversaries all take on new significance at Mysk by Shaza. Local traditions flourish. Service rooted in respect abounds. Attention to detail is everywhere. It’s a theatre of sound, light, food, drink and décor. We do everything to make sure you’re the main star of your unique performance.