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For those of you who like to stay active during your getaways and build on your exquisite experience, enjoy a list of several activities that will keep your heart pumping and face smiling. Learn and practice an ancient craft at the archery range. Savour the tranquillity as you kayak through mangroves, watch sea turtles hatch, nest and swim, and catch a glimpse of many rare bird species and the wildlife that all define Khor Kalba as a globally important wetland. Indulge in a panoramic ocean view of the Arabian Gulf while enjoying a healthy organic culinary experience for in-house guests and travel on the wings of extravagant beauty and change. Refresh your soul with a host of activities ranging from water to land such as diving, kayak excursions, standup paddle boarding, nature walks all along the Watchtowers trek, cycling Wadi Hero, cycling across Kalba culture and visiting Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre or Kalba Bird of Prey Centre. Jolt your senses and plunge in the feeling of rebirth.


Kingfisher Lodge
Khor Kalba, Sharjah
United Arab Emirates
114 km