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our logo

Simple typography with a potent sense of design. Contemporary worldly appeal with the enchanting traces of ever-evolving Arabian culture. A lower case “m” that tells a tale of upscale excellence without pretentions. Thin and thicker lines which create a sense of theatrical flair. Mysk by Shaza’s logo is a distinct expression that sets the stage.

behind the name

A player on the five star hotel stage, Shaza is named after a fragrance that travels on the Eastern winds. It is scripted as a dream made of numerous ingredients with the base note of Mysk.

Inspired by the Arabic pronunciation of musk, Mysk is a fresh breeze that carries the essence of Shaza’s fragrance and adds a signature aroma to the theatrical experience of life. Like its parent, Mysk is born from Arabian culture, and yet is distinct since it embodies ever-evolving Arabian culture. Awaken the senses with Mysk.